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March 25, 2006 - September 25, 2006. . .six months to the day, "Windtalker" and "Mom" have finished their incredible journey. Please enjoy the daily Journals; records of the trials encountered on the trails. You may visit the Hike Gallery to see the Journey's preparation pictures and journals, and contact them and leave messages in the Guestbook as well. 

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February-March Final Preparation & Reflections 

March 24-April 4 AT Journal Entries

April 5-April 20 AT Journal Entries

April 21-May 16 AT Journal Entries

May 17-June 11 AT Journal Entries

June 12 - July 3 AT Journal Entries

July 4 - August 11 AT Journal Entries

August 12 - September 24 Journal Entries


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