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Randy A. Motz


aka “Windtalker”



I was born in Somerville, NJ in 1950, and, through the course of my 55 years (soon to be 56) I have had a wide range of careers and special interests. I have been a carpenter, designed and built solar additions for homes, have been an ASTM certified heli-arc welder and constructed high pressure vessels and cracking towers, and for many years was the part owner and general manager of one of the country’s largest distributors of weighing and force measurement equipment. When I wasn’t working I raced go-karts on the national circuit, studied karate, played golf, skied, was a swim team coach for my kids’ (Rebecca, Harmony & Travis) community swim team and camped.


However, through all these phases of life, there was one constant passion that underscored all that I undertook; music. I have been involved in some aspect of the music industry since high school. I began as a musician, lead vocalist and live sound engineer for various rock bands in the Hunterdon County, New Jersey area and, at the University of Cincinnati was part of a “Mama & Papas” style folk group. But not until a major career and spiritual life change in the early 1990’s did all the aspects of my musical interests come into focus.


In 1990, I became a Christian, or “re-became”, if there is such a word, and immediately became immersed in the worship ministry at my church as a bassist, vocalist and head of the live sound ministry. Shortly thereafter I was remarried -- to my best friend, soul mate, biggest fan and critic and my hiking partner, Georgia.


Then in 1997, I made another major career change; graduating from the Omega Recording Studios School of Applied Arts and Sciences as a recording engineer. My passion for Christian and Gospel music and the studio’s desire to pursue these genres of music, landed me a job at Omega Recording Studios as Marketing Representative for Contemporary Christian and Gospel artists. I have been fortunate to have worked with such names as Richard Smallwood, Donald Lawrence, Steven Ford, Edwin Hawkins, Walter Hawkins, and Andre Crouch.


While working at the studio I also pursued and completed two other courses at the school giving me additional certificates in both Music Business & Artist Management and Electronic Music Synthesizers and MIDI. I am currently the staff instructor for the Music Business class on Studio and Recording Basics and have written several books on the recording process and the role of a producer.


As time progressed, I was called upon to use my various skills and knowledge of Christian music as producer for Christian and Gospel projects by Just 1 Blood, Byron Breeze, Approaching Violet and Cry Out as well as others. During this same time, I also worked part-time as production manager and engineer for a Christian live sound company which allowed me to work closely with major Christian artists such as The David Crowder Band, Jeff Deyo, Kelly Minter, Lincoln Brewster, Mark Schultz, Tait and Caedmon’s Call. I still work for this company today, as much as time permits.


This immersion in and passion for Christian music began to foster a desire to write and record my own Christian music but I wanted to present it in a unique way. The pivotal event in this songwriting desire came after I attended a Robert Mirabal concert at Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts. So taken by the inter-weaving of Native American instruments with rock drums, guitar and bass and the eclectic sound of effects-laden cello, the die was cast; to produce Christian music that would both inspire and promote a sonic environment for peaceful meditation with Native American instruments as the focal point. With this goal in mind, I purchased and taught myself to play Native American flute and began writing, arranging and recording music that followed this newfound musical path.


Using my other skills on keyboard, acoustic guitar and bass in conjunction with the Cakewalk Sonar hard-disk recording system, I have been working on my first CD project which I hope to complete soon after this thru-hike is finished. This initial project consists of songs that incorporate Native American instruments blended together with a musical palette of strings, pads and rock instruments. This sonic canvas allows one the solitude and inspiration to reflect on the awesome power of the Creator and the eternal mercy, forgiveness and grace given to us by a God whose wonder is beyond human understanding.


But, as has been the case with my life up to this point, it is time to undertake yet another adventure and add it to my list of things that have made my life memorable, exciting and full. As my wife and I head off on this 2,200 mile journey, I look forward to the impact that this event will have on my life and how I view the world around me. I am sure that it is going to be an awakening of the soul and spirit and all that I will see, feel, hear, taste and smell will stay with me forever and will serve as the inspiration for yet more music.


See you at the end of the journey. Peace.



Walking in Grace,



"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult."


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